Why Bodydragging is so important to learn before learning the Waterstart

Every beginner knows that feeling. You want to learn kitesurfing and you want to be on your kitesurfing board as soon as possible. But there are many important skills to learn before taking the board and ride the water.

Bodydrag is one of them. Bodydragging is the most important skills that all kitesurfer should know by heart.

Why is it so important?

It is the only way to move around the water if you loose your board and need to recover it. It also helps you to enter and exit some more difficult kitespots. And not only beginner need this skill. Also intermediate and professional kitesurfer use bodydragging.

For that reasons, before attempting a waterstart with your board you need to learn the bodydrag technique and improve it constantly  until you feel calm and comfortable moving around without your boat in the water and when entering and exiting the ocean with your kite.

And thats also why the bodydrag is one of the first skills all our kitesurf instructors will teach on the first water session and will constantly focus on during our Redshart Kitesurfing Camps and Redshark Kitesurfing courses in Fuerteventura.

Bodydrag Tutorial Video

Would you like to refresh your Bodydragging skills? All key skills to learn when bodydragging are covered in this great 3 minute Tutorial Video from our Partner NORTH/ION. 

Essencial tips for mastering the bodydrag

Arm Position
Keeping the kite between 10-11 or 1-2 on either side of the wind window, let go of your front hand and point it upwind perpendicular to the kite. Keep you back hand towards the centre of the bar, to stop unwanted movement.

Your Body Position
Body flat in the water, like Superman:-) Push your hips towards the chicken loop to increase resistance against the kite and drive.

Keep Comfort
Keep your body relaxed and remember to keep your mouth closed to avoid swallowing water:-)


No mater if you are a Kitesurf beginner or a profesional Kitesurfer, Bodydrag it a fundamental skill that you’ll need as a kitesurfer allowing you to develop your confidence and helps you remain calm in situations where you may be without your board.

Join one of our Kitesurf Camps or Courses in Fuerteventura and learn kitesurfing in a save and fun way.


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