L’été est toujours là à Fuerteventura

L’été est toujours là à Fuerteventura ; et les bonnes houles sont déjà arrivées.
Ciel bleu, temps chaud et eau claire, existe-t-il une meilleure combinaison pour votre premier cours de surf ?
Nous avons tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour apprendre à surfer ; planches, beaucoup de wax et les bonnes vibrations aloha de nos moniteurs

Ici chez Redshark nous proposons des cours de surf en petits groupes de maximum 4 personnes par moniteur, nos cours sont donc personnalisés, nous étudierons toujours les prévisions la veille afin de choisir le meilleur endroit et la meilleure heure de marée.

Les petits groupes sont la meilleure option si vous recherchez une formation personnalisée, quel que soit votre niveau,



les petits groupes sont parfaits pour les familles de surf, une combinaison parfaite de sécurité et de plaisir pour tous les âges

Summer is still on here in Fuerteventura

Summer is still on here in Fuerteventura; and good swells have already arrived.
Blue skies, warm weather and clear water, Is there a better combination for your firsts surfing lesson ?

We have everything you would need to learn how to surf; boards, lot of wax and the good aloha vibes of our instructors

Here at Redshark we offer surf courses in small groups of maximum 4 people per instructor, so our lessons are personalized, we will always study the forecast the day before in order to choose the best spot and the best tide time.

Small groups are the best option if you are looking for a personalized training, no matter what level you are,

Small groups are great for surfing families, a perfect match of safety and good fun for all the ages

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5 Common Surfing Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid

You’ve looked out at the sea and seen surfers riding the waves and think to yourself ‘how hard can it be?’ While they may make it look simple, inreality, getting to grips with surfing, like any new sport, takes some practice – and probably quite a few laugh out loud moments along the way. 

To help you go from a newbie surfer to a fully-fledged surfer in no time at all, we’ve rounded up the most common surfing mistakes beginners make, and how to avoid them. 

1.Failing to warm-up

We all know that familiar feeling of waking up the next morning after a heavy exercise session aching all over. And surfing can be just the same. Although it’s easy to forget to warm-up when you see the waves and want to get straight to it, you’re still using lots of the same muscles as you would with other sports, including abdominal, biceps and leg muscles. So, skipping a warm-up can leave you very sore over the next few days. A quick jog before you start will help limber you up, raise your heartbeat and get your body prepared for a proper workout. 

2.Not having the right board

As the popular saying goes, ‘A man is only as good as his tools.’ The last thing you want as a keen new surfer is to turn up to your first surf lesson with a board that’s the wrong size and skill level for you. Even top pro surfers struggle to surf their best on a board that doesn’t match their specific requirements. Surfboards come in all different styles and sizes, so head to a reputable surf shop to get expert advice on which board will work best for you as a beginner. This way you’ll give yourself the best chance of taking to the waves like a duck to a pond and avoid forking out money on the wrong board.

3.Taking to the water too soon

We get it. You didn’t take up surfing to be practising moves on the sand. The pull of the waves is real and we hear you. But failing to practise enough on dry land is a really common mistake beginners make. Dry land is where you can perfect your pop up, stance and balance easily, where your instructor can correct your mistakes. Skipping ahead too soon to tackle waves, before perfecting your technique, will likely mean you spend a frustratingly long time learning the basics. Having a bit of patience and faith in the process at this stage will pay off in the long run when you’ve learned good habits and techniques.

4.Popping up too soon

This is a tricky one for beginners, and something best learned through practice. The pop-up is literally when you go from lying on your board to standing. And, it can be tempting, when you’re new to surfing, to rush this part. While you can never pop-up too fast – a fast pop-up is what you’re aiming for – getting the timing right of when to pop-up is the hard part. It’s been said that it should almost feel too late by the time you pop-up. So, play around with your timing to see what results you get. Again, practising your pop-up on land will help you perfect your technique.

5.Failing to act with etiquette

As with most sports, how you act when you’re training is just as important as the training itself. Acting with a lack of surf etiquette is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in surf culture and could lose you respect within the community. Aside from the obvious one: not leaving litter on the beach, make sure you read up on rules around right of way, dropping in and where to paddle, to understand the basics and start out as you mean to go on.

Don’t forget to have fun

As pro surfer Phil Edwards said, ‘The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.’ So, relax, enjoy yourself and soak up everything the surfing world has to offer. Who knows where the waves will take you!

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Seat Vs. Waist Harnesses Explained

Seat Harness & Waist Harness

The evolution of kitesurfing is going through one of its historical peaks. Kites, boards and soft gear have become more reliable, safer and comfortable for specifical riding conditions. Today´s kitesurfing market offers a wide variety of gear to suit most rider´s styles and personal preferences and limitations.

When it comes to choosing the right harness, a few doubts come in mind due to the vast options available throughout all brands. But they all share the same principle. So, lets dig a bit into them to clarify which harness will suit you best and will offer longer lasting rides according to your preferred style.